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Dreambox DM 800
u Killer Bestia®
Enigma 2 Version: gecko-git20110603-r42
2010-02-25 ghost
* lib/python/Plugins/Extensions/GraphMultiEPG/ [PATCH 3/3] use
non-visual bouquet selector in graphmultiepg
* lib/python/Screens/ [PATCH 2/3] use non-visual bouquet
selector in multiepg
* lib/python/Screens/ [PATCH 1/3] implement a non-visual
bouquet selector for bouq +/- keys
2011-03-08 ghost
* Screens/ fix timerlist sort function (no more move disabled
timers to end of list) fixes bug #713
* Screens/ fix timerlist sort function (no more move disabled
timers to end of list) fixes bug #713
2011-03-08 skaman
2011-03-08 ghost
* Screens/ fix timerlist sort function (no more move disabled
timers to end of list) fixes bug #713
2011-03-04 ghost
* remove unneeded sort (fixes crash on Menu button press)
2011-03-03 ghost
* add plugin weight to PluginDescriptor... so the plugin start order can be
changed now
2011-03-09 skaman
2011-03-11 ghost
* base/console.cpp: fix typo
2011-03-10 ghost
* put out an error message on instant record on non invalid services refs
* more robust timer sanity check / autoincrement handling, small code cleanup
fixes bug #718
2011-03-15 acid-burn
* WirelessLan/ properly kill still running iwconfig console
callbacks. fixes #720
2011-03-14 Andreas Oberritter
* WPA: minimize driver specific code for /etc/network/interfaces
* WLAN: fix inversed logic for WPA2 vs. WPA/WPA2
2011-03-14 Fraxinas
* do not show extensions menu plugins which require servicelist in pvr
playback mode (works around bug #723)
2011-03-26 ghost
* fix tabs, code cleanup refs #736
2011-03-25 ghost
* try to fix motor turning with unicable lnb fixes bug #736
* reset frontend type on tuner type change also on simulated tuner fixes
false timer conflict warning when trying to create new record timers after
boot (-CT combi tuner only) fixes bug #739
2011-03-21 ghost
* fix typo ... this fixes a crash on timer listing with "show
finished timers at end of list"
2011-03-19 ghost
* fix import name conflict refs #713
2011-03-18 ghost
* add possibility to choose the finished timer timerlist position in usage
config refs bug #713
2011-03-17 ghost
* make new multi epg bouquet handling optional via usage config "Multi-EPG
bouquet selection (Yes/No)" option default is the old behaviour refs bug #453
2011-03-17 acid-burn
* fix post-down->pre-down change introduced with last changes.
refs #724
2011-03-16 acid-burn
* small cleanups
2011-03-31 Andreas Oberritter
* SDL: fix input of control keys
2011-03-30 Andreas Oberritter
* add PSignal3 template
2011-03-31 Andreas Oberritter
* InputBox/Screen: remove trailing semicolon
2011-03-31 Mladen Horvat
* Screens/, SystemPlugins/WirelessLan,Networkwizard: dont use
"hidden..." as selector for hidden networks. Add config option for entering a
hidden network ssid. This is more intuitive as selecting the option from the
found networks. refs #725
2011-03-30 Andreas Oberritter
* ServiceInfo: make more strings translatable
* fix some misspellings
* transponder info: display e.g. "Astra (19.2E)" instead of "192"
2011-03-30 Mladen Horvat
* SystemPlugins/SoftwareManager: change default backup names for
wpa_supplicant configuration files. refs #389
* SystemPlugins/WirelessLan: Don't depend on device names where possible.
Better wireless lan interface detection and scanning. Changed file naming for
wpa_supplicant configuration to wpa_supplicant."interfacename".conf. refs
* SystemPlugins/NetworkWizard: Don't depend on device names where possible.
Some code cleanups and improvements. refs #389
* improve wireless lan device detection. Dont
depend on device names where possible. Some code cleanups and improvements
for wlan devices. refs #389
2011-03-16 acid-burn
* remove debug
* SoftwareManager: add new wpa_supplicant configfiles to backup defaults.
refs #389
* NetworkWizard: follow to improve wireless interface/module
detection. refs #389
* SystemPlugins/WirelessLan: improve wireless device/module detection.
improve iwconfig response parsing. read and save wpa_supplicant
configurations into per interface separated files. refs #389
* improved wlan interface/response handling. dont ask for
deactivating a second interface if deactivating current interface. use
activate/deactivate interface functions instead network restarts to apply
network configurations.
* improve remote rootfs detection and wireless device/module
detection. improve functions to activate/deactivate network interfaces.
cleanup some unused functions. refs #389
2011-01-20 Andreas Oberritter
* make switching of keyboard modes more consistent
2011-03-25 Andreas Oberritter
* fix some crashes during settings wizard
* remove filesystem writeability test
* db: use strcmp when recreating bouquets.{tv,radio}
* db: move variable
* db: remove recursive loading of bouquets
* db: remove recursive loading of lamedb
2011-04-05 ghost
* gdi/picexif.cpp: more and more FD leak stuff refs bug #599
* picexif.cpp: more FD leak voodoo... refs bug #599
* fixed DecodeExif error handling.. this should fix a FD leak fixes bug #599
2011-04-04 enigma2-translation-bot
* Automatic message catalog update E2 branches: master experimental Plugins
: audiosync autoresolution autotimer cdinfo genuinedreambox mytube
networkbrowser webinterface serienfilm Plugins-Meta: description and
2011-04-11 Fraxinas
* [TaskView] upon cancelling waiting jobs, remove them from jobmanager queue
all the way
* [TaskView] fix cancel of waiting (not yet started) jobs
2011-04-11 ghost
* do call pthread_join before new pthread_create when the thread handle is
valid fixes bug #749
2011-04-15 Mladen Horvat
* Components/ small improvements and cleanups/fixes
2011-04-13 Mladen Horvat
* Components/, SystemPlugins/SoftwareManager: add
possibility to have also non plugins/skins inside SoftwareManager. add
support for 'needsRestart' option inside meta descriptions for non
plugins/skins. refs #389
* Enigma2-{Network,NetworkWizard,WirelessLan}: more work on wireless lan /
networking. removed 'hidden' links from lists and replaced with more
intuitive options in networkwizard/networksetup. fixes #725
2011-04-12 Andreas Oberritter
* Add MIME types for mka and mkv (Patch by Stephan Reichholf)
* Fix untranslatable string (Patch by Benny De Tandt)
2011-05-28 skaman
* Restored original dmm remotes pictures
2011-05-26 root
* Some fix in wizard screens
2011-05-19 margy82
* Fix Wizard green screen
* Fix PiP problem of Virtualzap infobar
2011-05-15 margy82
* Added icons in skin_default to fix crashes on PicturePLayer plugin
* Add et 5000 in HWName converter
2011-05-12 skaman
* Some fixes on new skin
* Some fix on keymap for vuplus remotes
2011-05-09 skaman
* Updated default skin
* Some fixes on wireless lan support
2011-05-01 skaman
* Added support for rt61 wifi driver
2011-04-30 skaman
* Fixed missed conflict resolution in last merge
* Fixed unterminated #ifdef in dvb.cpp (broken in last merge)
2011-04-26 ghost
* re-add audio track selection by number keys (patch by ritzmo) refs bug #752
* shutdown bdpoll thread on e2 shutdown this is needed for newer python
versions... thanks to ritzmo fixes bug #671
* servicemp3.cpp: more simple/flexible streaming detection
2011-04-21 enigma2-translation-bot
* Automatic message catalog update E2 branches: master experimental Plugins
: audiosync autoresolution autotimer cdinfo genuinedreambox mytube
networkbrowser webinterface serienfilm Plugins-Meta: description and
2011-04-20 Mladen Horvat
* fix typo (Lanq -> Lang). refs #750
2011-04-19 Mladen Horvat
* Converter/ don't use cache with "Path" argument. refs #750
* Converter/, Renderer/ use cache for LoadPixmap
inside ValueToPixmap converter, look for pixmap attribute inside Pixmap
renderer and react on changes. refs #750
* add modified patch from Homey to allow keyboard inputs.
refs #750
2011-04-18 Mladen Horvat
* Components/Converter: add ValueToPixmap converter to convert a given path
or language code to a pixmap pointer e.g. used by the pixmap renderer. refs
* VirtualKeyBoard: Add cz/sk layout (patch from Petr)to VirtualKeyBoard. Add
possibility to change language layout with yellow button and display the
corresponding language icon. Refs #750
* NumericalTextInput: Add cz/sk layout (patch from Petr)to NumericalTextInput
and change font of NumericalTextInputHelpDialog from console to regular for
better utf-8 charset support. refs #750

Enigma2 plugins:
2011-03-08 Homey
* [TVCharts] Submit pluginlists only one time
* [TVCharts] Fix bug in timer- and pluginlists
2011-03-08 ghost
* add refresh rate settings for 720p and 1080i to autores plugin
2011-04-30 skaman
* Removed tpm check in bitratecalc.cpp
2011-04-26 Tode
* Another update of german translation
2011-04-25 Homey
* [TVCharts] Use opkg instead ipkg to get pluginlist
2011-03-28 Moritz Venn
* expose shuffle via /web/mediaplayercmd?command=shuffle
2011-04-25 Homey
* [TVCharts] Use alternate UserAgent for status-updates
2011-04-25 Moritz Venn
* fix if not running in background
2011-04-24 Moritz Venn
* moviesearch: less likely to crash with alternative movie lists still not
guaranteed to work though, but that's a completely different problem Wink
* moviesearch: add proof of concept search plugin to the movie list just
drops you into my extended vkeyboard (for numerical text input support) where
you can enter the text to search for. currently the search is only done in
the movie title and is case insensitive. to reset list just enter an empty
search string or abort editing. only tested with standard movie list, might
need adjustments for other variants.
2011-04-24 Dario Croci
* Autotimer: update for italian translation
2011-04-22 Tode
* Updated german translation
2011-04-22 Moritz Venn
* autotimer: base import from match/epg on default timer
* autotimer: allow to search recordings for duplicate events and to limit
search to next x days both based on a patch by Tode, thanks.
2011-04-15 Moritz Venn
* update epgrefresh webif api
2011-04-14 Fraxinas
* [serienfilm] fix crash in DVDBurn add title, fix crash when serlst is not
2011-04-10 Tode
* Add keymap.xml to to fix MovableScreenIssue in the setup of
2011-04-10 Moritz Venn
* change default record paths in webif use preferredInstantRecordPath for
instant record instead of last videodir and preferredTimerPath instead of
last timer videodir. fixes different behavior of e2 and webif.
2011-03-29 Moritz Venn
* use "True" and "False" in e2simplexmlresult
2011-04-09 Dario Croci
* SerienFilm: add italian translation.
* ZapHistoryBrowser: update for italian translation.
* Autotimer - Update for italian translation.
2011-04-07 Mladen Horvat
* fix string escaping so gettext can handle it.
2011-04-05 Jörg Trahm
* [Elektro] Fix: Multi-Language (locale) does not work
2011-04-03 Jörg Trahm
* [FanControl2] Fc2 disabled if box has no fan control Fc2WebIf: disabled if
webif not installed Fc2Webif: show sensor name as a tooltip
2011-04-01 vali
* [AiHDcontroler] bugfix in NextEvent-renderer
2011-03-31 Mladen Horvat
* fix typo preventing description import into enigma2 translation system.
2011-03-29 Moritz Venn
* fix services in add/edit
2011-03-25 Moritz Venn
* allow to unset timespan, timeframe, offset,
maxduration now empty parameters (e.g. /autotimer/edit?id=1&offset=) will
unset the attribute instead of keeping the current value. to not alter them
just don't add the parameter.
2011-03-24 Moritz Venn
* add svdrp to buildsystem also added a note to the meta file stating that
probably no one should use this plugin let alone need it… besides me of
course Smile
2011-03-18 Moritz Venn
* e2tags is space- and not comma-separated
2011-03-17 Moritz Venn
* use standard e2tags tag in webif api keep
singular for real config but use comma separated list of tags in webif
api. No backwards compatability since I don't know any adopter of this API
yet and this saves me some time implementing mine :-)
2011-03-16 sreichholf
* add /opkg (same as /ipkg) simplify some code in
2011-03-14 sreichholf
* ...
* Add /opkg (same as /ipkg) just for "style" reasons
2011-03-12 Alexander Lätsch
* [VlcPlayer] update for newer VLC (Version > 0.9)
* [VlcPlayer] dm8000 additional keys STOP/PLAYPAUSE added
2011-03-10 vali
* [EasyInfo] add primetime3-value for second row in primetime-look
* [EasyInfo] resize the field-size for event now/next start times
* [Ai.HD] bugfix: DC-Style, EventTimes


2010-09-22 Eric Bénard
* classes/update-rc.d.bbclass: move update-rc after postinst without this,
launching a daemon can fail if postinst is supposed, for example, to fix
permissions of directories used by the daemon. Acked-by: Marcin Juszkiewicz
Acked-by: Frans Meulenbroeks
Acked-by: Henning Heinold

2011-03-21 Andreas Oberritter
* dbus: remove from runlevel S
* avahi-0.6.25: remove opendreambox override in order to avoid starting
avahi-daemon twice
2011-03-21 skaman
2011-03-22 ghost
* replace some /proc/stb checks with $D checks fix dm8000 legacy flash
mapping detection
* linux-opendreambox-2.6.18: disable jffs2 summary support for dm800, dm500hd
and dm800se to reduce overhead use full flash memory on dm8000 (256MB) with
enabled jffs2 summary for faster mount time reflash image is needed to use
full flash size! as long no reflash was done we switch to legacy flash
mapping use 256M flash memory on dm7020hd increased size of boot partition on
dm8000 and dm7020hd to 7MB (new 2nd is needed!)
* update dm7020hd (not public yet) and dm8000
secondstage loader to support new flash mapping (256MB support)
2011-03-21 ghost
* update dm7020hd dvb-modules
* add missing 7020hd bootlogo checksum
* needed changes for new buildimage tool
* update to new version
2011-03-22 ghost
* dm7025.conf: fix buildimage
2011-03-22 skaman
2011-03-23 ghost
* load 8712u wlan driver on 7025 bootup
2011-03-26 ghost
* enable CONFIG_BCMINTEMAC_7038_STREAMING=y kernel option on all broadcom
based dreamboxes this fixes stability issues on upload (No Rx Descriptor,
disabling rx DMA in kernel log)
2011-03-26 ghost
* recipes/linux: fix some typos
2011-03-31 ghost
* increment audioparsers rank again ... this
fixes ac3 audio problems when external audio sink is used fixes bug #743
2011-04-03 Andreas Oberritter
* linux-dm7020hd: fix offset of root partition
2011-04-14 Mladen Horvat
* Add enigma2-drivers-meta package. Add driver for Ralink
RT8070/RT3070/RT3370 based wireless-n USB devices. add rt3070 driver and
enigma2-drivers-meta to according tasks-opendreambox packages.
2011-05-28 skaman
* Updated source mirrors with sifteam url
* updated SRCREV
* Updated bootlogo
* Removed many dependencies in task-opendreambox-enigma2 (so plugins can be
manually removed without force depends)
2011-05-25 skaman
* updated SRCREV
2011-05-23 skaman
* Reverted et5000 defconfig fix
* Fixed perl-native compilation on ubuntu 11.04
2011-05-16 skaman
* updated SRCREV
* Updated et5000 and et9000 drivers and kernel config
2011-05-14 skaman
* Updated some v4l-dvb firmware
2011-05-13 skaman
* Added missing v4l-dvb-module-em28xx-dvb module in tuners task
2011-05-10 skaman
* updated SRCREV
2011-05-09 skaman
* updated SRCREV
* Fixed pcsc-lite memory leak
2011-05-07 skaman
* Added libpcsclite1 preinstalled as default
2011-05-06 ghost
* dreambox hardware drivers update bcm4506/bcm4501 fixed broken toneburst
handling (broken since 20110501 drivers)
2011-05-05 Bobsilvio
* Update SRCREV for v4l-dvb
2011-05-04 Bobsilvio
* Update SRCREV usbloader for new dictionary
* Update SRCREV for v4l-dvb
2011-05-04 ghost
* update dm8000 driver date too
* update dm500hd,dm800se,dm8000,dm7025,dm800 hardware drivers - bcm4506:
reintroduce minimum tune timeout of 1,5sek to fix tune failed problems caused
by slow SEC switches
2011-05-03 ghost
* update dreambox hardware drivers dm800/dm8000/dm800se/dm500hd
---------------------------- finally fixed 20110501 freeze hotfix dm7025
------- - fixed bcm4506 tuner crash (no hab ack messages in kernel debug) -
fixed bcm4506 manual LDPC FEC modes - fixed bcm4506 readback of current pilot
state - readback corrected symbolrate and frequency for bcm4506 - cxd1981
DVB-C optimizations
2011-05-02 skaman
* Increased task wlan PR
* Updated vu+ drivers 20110429
* Small fix on azbox bootup
2011-05-01 skaman
* Fixed rt61 makefile
* Removed useless files in ralink section
* updated SRCREV
* updated SRCREV
* Added correct wifi module initialization in azbox bootup
2011-05-01 ghost
* fixed get_property implementation
* update dm800 dm800se dm500hd dm8000 hardware drivers - hotfix freeze after
some channel changes - throttled mpeg decoder debug output a bit - fixed
bcm4506 tuner crash (no hab ack messages in kernel debug) - fixed bcm4506
manual LDPC FEC modes - fixed readback of current pilot state for dvb-s2
frontends (needs a linuxtv api fix) - readback corrected symbolrate and
frequency for bcm4501 and bcm4506 - cxd1981 DVB-C optimizations
2011-05-01 skaman
* Fixed showiframe on azbox (thanks to tideglo)
* Added rt61 driver for azbox wireless (untested)
* Updated crossepg to svn 292
2011-04-30 skaman
* updated SRCREV
* updated SRCREV
* updated SRCREV
* Updated et9000 and et5000 drivers to 20110423
* Updated bm750 and vusolo modules to 20110426
2011-04-24 skaman
* Updated crossepg to release 0.6.2 svn 260

No Changes
No Changes
No Changes
2011-05-04 Bobsilvio
* Added Technisat Airstar Telestick 2 in dictionary
2011-05-01 skaman
* Added rt61 modules as blacklisted (it's not and usb device... this is a

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