15xx OFM v.PI723a8

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Pioneer TS5/BCT-15xx

Firmware for Pioneer BCT-1530 PI723a8

Autoupdate of TPS-keys added.

HowTo: first of all you'll need to load the attached otv.bin file into your receiver.

The way of doing this is just the same as when you load tps.bin file,i.e. launch Mediacom,switch it into receiving mode

through activating COM-port (pressing menu,8,3), then please press Settings button in Mediacom, check OTV section and wait until section upload

is done. Now please fuse the new PI723a8 firmware into your receiver.

To get AES-keys update please switch the receiver onto any channel crypted in TPSCrypt.Mind that ECM PID of the channel you have chosen

should correspond to TPSCrypt PID.

Now wait for about 30-40 secs, switch onto any neighboring channel and back, and if the update was successful you'll get the picture.

In addition, if you also have Mediacom launched and running, you will see a message like "TPS: new keys" in log window,

meaning here total number of fresh received TPSCrypt keys.

WARNING: old format tps.bin file WILL NOT WORK with new PI723a8 firmware!

Thanxxx fly to all who took part in PI723a8 firmware development :-)


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