Defiant v.3.00

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Defiant v3.00

1 – Fixed a problem with path on windows 95/98/ME

2 – Now Strong 8100 NDS is correctly implemented, now you can edit and save it

3 – Added the OssoXBuco’s relocated firmware NDS for philips 6071 and 6072

4 – Fixed the error of “List index out of bound (-1)” with windows 95/98/ME

5 – Fixed a little stupid bug on compare firmwares for the non equal extension, now must works good

6 – Fixed a bug on file name’s importation

7 – Resized the box for change position of a widget, now you can view correctly 3 digits number

8 – Added the firmware NDS for Strong 8000

9 – Added the NDS original philips firmware CRC Check for a correct modify of philips NDS firmware; thanks to LupinIII, WebRaider, Uno

10 – Fixed a bug on firmware BCT 1330 with 2MB length

11 – Fixed a little problem with complete decompilation with uComp

12 – Fixed a bug on panel’s icon library name

13 – Pantalk support is completed. Set the pathes in the settings and decompile a script with Pantalk decompilator; Edit the script with Defiant and when you want to compile press Export button, then with Hpanel you can compile (is not necessary to save the file with Hpanel to compile, Defiant add the information necessary to compile correctly the file, you can do it by selecting the project and then compile with Hpanel compilator). When you have compiled the script succesful you can Re-Import in the firmware by pressing Import button. Finally you must press OK to save the script in the firmware otherwise changes will not be save.

14 – Added the possibility to view the EmbEditor and to export the contents. The import function must to be completed.

15 – Added the modified Kenwood DTF-3 firmware

16 – Now when you rename a file in the three of files, the name change also if there is a change of the name from upper to lower case and from lower to upper.

17 – Added rename option in pop-up menu of the tree module, also by pressing F2 in the keyboard

18 – You can delete a file by selecting it and pressing delete button of the keyboard

19 – Now old firmware Philips
is renamed as Philips TS2 -

20 – Added NDS firmware for Philips 6071 and 6072 modified by LupinIII

21 - Minor Fix

Modification: Tideglo


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