Defiant v.3.06

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Defiant v3.06

1 – Now you can open the asscom firmwares with a little modified structure (select the Asscom Firmware to open it, the common allcam asscom firmwares)

2 – Added firmware Strong 8100 Conax (Strong 8500)

3 – Found another little bug on Strong firmware, fixed

4 – Fixed some little bug in the script editor code

5 – Chaged some little choices in the HDL editor for Nokia 9701s

6 – Fixed bugs on Font that not allow to save some options

7 – EmbEditor completed, you can import, export, save new emb4p.prt files (it takes me a lot of time)

Modification: Tideglo

Defiant v3.04 (not public)

1 – Fixed many bugs on Pace TS1 firmware (i hope now works correctly, sorry but wasn’t my fault Very Happy )

2 – Fixed a bug in the Patch Strong firmware

3 – Fixed a bug on Font in Strong firmwares

4 – Added possibility to the Strong 8100 NDS firmware to write in more space than original one, now you are able to use the “free area” of the firmware to write MHW code

5 – Added possibility to lock the widgets in the Panel Editor (to prevent from undesidered movement)

6 – Modified some little structure on Philips NDS ossoXbuco firmwares

7 – Added possibility to copy and paste widgets from and to different session of Defiant or different panels of the same firmware

8 – Added possibility to edit PaceCP3000 Dynamite firmware without the boot zone

9 – Added Thomson TS1 firmware

10 – Added possibility to edit more uComp Options (possibility to assign options for compilation and added a file for ucomp options for future implementations Wink ), thanks to ldnlp fo the suggestion Very Happy

11 – Added the option to change the default panels background color, you can also change it for a single panel in the tab panel of your current Panel Editor

12 – Other...

Modification: Tideglo


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