Defiant v.3.65

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Defiant v3.65

If you have old Defiant version in your PC replace all files with the ones in this new release except Defiant.ini

If you want to have a new clean installation, delete old Defiant directory and use the one inside this release.

1 – Fixed some other small bugs on decompilation and compilation (no more bugs known, if someone find more bugs you can report them to me. By my tests i found that internal compiler is more efficient than the old one, the v3.60. I tried the major of possibility in compilation/decompilation and all worked well)

2 – Deleted the fake class name in new script creation

3 – Added possibility to edit font for Philips DSX 6071/6072 NDS Lupin3 firmwares

4 – Added possibility to edit font for Strong 8000/8100 NDS firmwares

5 – Added extended FAT for Strong 8100 NDS firmwares

6 – Converted all base label language to English

7 – Firmwares Type List ordered by name

8 – Now “Extrac selected node without decompression” return the *.def file for the firmware if root directory is selected (like “extract with decompression” does)

9 – Fixed a bug when you add any files to an empty module

10 – Added in classes editor, in the text visualization C-Style mode, some new options: order variables by name, search variable name

11 – Now in the Scripts Editor when you press Shift+Ctrl+Space keys, and the
“key-cursor” is setted on a parameter’s function (the cursor must be between the “(” and &ldquoWink” symbols), you can see the tips that show you which parameters you must give to the function

12 – Now in the Scripts Editor when you press Ctrl+Space keys you can see a drop-down list that shows you all known function

13 – Now in the Scripts Editor when you press Shift+Ctrl+V keys you can see the value of the mnemonics value where the “key-cursor” is on, as it’s a tips

14 – Fixed a bug on Asscom Firmwares

Modification: Tideglo


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