Defiant v.3.67

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GoldBox (Generale)
1 – Fixed a bug on Kenwood Patches
2 – Fixed a bug on Pace TS1 firmware
3 – Added firmware Pioneer 1540 Conax with dyna-like structure 2MB length
4 – Added a warning if class was not found during a compilation (this option is not a new one, simply in some cases it did't warn anything)
5 – Fixed a bug on Strong 8100 firmware that doesn't allow to save firmware on some cases
6 – Minor fixes in the internal compiler
7 – Minor fixes in the code to prevent some strange access violation (sorry for that)
8 – Added option to edit font for the script editor (local and global), use the menu configuration->script->Font...
9 – In the internal compiler there were added a \“ when you put in comment the “ char; Now this doesn't happen anymore a new solution to parse comments is implemented
10 – In the internal compiler when you write a string you can print any char, just use the option \\ to print a single slash \, use \” to print a single double-apex “, and use \n to print a line-feed
11 – Added possibility to search in the global firmware with internal decompiler, simply use the option decompile all and then search (no compilation is allowed to prevent some fucking error like ucomp does!)
12 – Added also in the internal compiler the possibility to save changes and save them without closing the window of the current script (use the button “save modifications&rdquoWink
13 – Added possibility to re-compile all the firmware with internal compiler
14 – Added possibility to re-compile without comments all the firmware with internal compiler
15 – Added possibility to re-compile without write_traces all the firmware with internal compiler

Modification: Tideglo


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